Hello again everyone. If you have been aware of my journal for quite sometime you know I've been away for quite a time. Not much luck in the way of getting a lot of art uploaded these days. Even though it may be distant there will always be more in the future. I have more than a few galleries circulating through out the world wide web that keep me busy. I would hope one day you might visit them all and find more of what mediums I use as creative outlets. My Jewelry Store My Deviant Art Gallery {for my art work} My Deviant Art Gallery {for my jewelry} General Interests and Inspirationsliterature, ghost stories, interesting facts, cemeteries, architecture, music, religion, sociology/anthropology, mythologies, fables and fairytales, religion, culture, nature, life, dreams and God.What Kind of Art?Romanticism, surrealism, gothic, flemish, raphealism and some of the more contemporary styles, but you know the kind that are refered to as manga and comic (sequential art). Not down with the abstract, splash crap (I'm sorry, but I do not like Picasso. Maybe the stuff he did when he was young, but as ha was nearing the end, yikes).Artists That I Am Down WithBrom, Delamare, Froud, Mack, John Foster, H. R. Giger, Amano, Christopher Shy, Dali, Mucha, Goya, Kahlo, Degas, J W Waterhouse, the Limbourg Brothers, Van Eyck, Reubens, Vermeer, Buonarroti, da Vinci, Ignateiva Anna, Amoreno, Ian Daniels and many more.Other Fine ArtistsTim Burton, Agnieszka Holland, Francis Ford Copalla, M. Night Shyamalan, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, Lev Tolstoy, J. R. R. Tolkein, C. S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, Howard Shore, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Piotr Tchaikovsky, Joe Hisaishi and other various composers, pop bands, groups, and individuals, etc., etc. Too many to list considering the wealth of genres of music, books and movies I enjoy. Elfwood ArtistsKeith Thompson, Jessey LaFountaine, Devon Cady-Lee, Christiane Shillito and Rebecca-Lee S. Hickman. Check'um out. I'm available for commissions. If your interested contact me via email.!Please do not reproduce this art without my permission!