Jeremy Green

BLOWE! BLOWE! CLICK! My ammo had finally run out! Running down the corridor for my saftey I toss the useless styrofoam shooting mechanism aside. Up ahead it seems I have finally reached my goal! What I had sought after for so long! The front door!! In double checking to see it it was safe to slow down for the door, or just break through it, I notice that my pursuer was not anywhere to be found. In confusion, I slow to a halt near the door. After another quick glance to ensure what I'd seen I look back at the door. 'Finally..' I mutter, 'free at last..'. That's when I heard the rustle I'd heard so many times before. A sound that had sent me running each time I'd heard it. I looked down and my suspicions were confirmed. It was the rustle of a diaper. One owned by Tristan, the Terrible Tiny Tyrant! Again my drawing is interrupted by the horror known as a little 3 year old girl. What can a 16 year old boy do to protect himself!? Nothing I tell you! But when I DO get my free time, I manage to squeeze in pictures of dragons and people and cute fluffy pink- wait. I don't do 'fluffy and pink' Just the cute part. ^_^