Jessica Hunt

Hullo, welcome to my Wyvern's...wooohhoooo..i dont have much in here but i will eventually...:) Im inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and Anne Rice..but i have other favourites such as C.S. Lewis and Thomas Hardy. I hope you like my lil library...hehe. Be nice and sweet-Namarie! Oh yea, also check out my inspiration's gallery (Jonathan Snooks) As a note: im in college now, so its really hard for me to upload new stories, or write them for that matter. :D

The Fates Chapter Three

continuing story of the the fates

The Fates-an introduction

Welcome to the world of the fates where dreams control reality.

Ode to Solitude

Ever feel alone, well this is a story about what happens we when we feel alone

The Tale of Dolon and Auraine

I dedicate this to my wonderful boyfriend who i love so much......

The Fates chapter one

this is the first chapter to the Fates in which you meet the main character and her destiny.

Wicked Whispers

A strange man visits an old lady in the middle of a strange night.