Rage of Dragons

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Jessica Hunt

"And Meyliene saw that their doom was at hand if she did not call upon her strengths given unto her by the Maker. Aniris and Mantineur had sent their foul beast Caraug, the Red Dragon, to destroy Meyliene and her companions. The Red Demon made its horrible call and the company trembled as its black breath disentegrated the forests in their sight. Meyliene slid off her horse, Camille neighed a sound of worry toward her master. "Meyliene, no, you're injured!" Eymirille called to her friend.Meyliene whispered into Camille's ear, "Be swift," and with that she looked unto the heavens "Manwe, Lord of the Skies may you bless Camille with your wings! Varda, may you let the stars shine Camille's path!" And Camille began to run toward the flying beast, her mane and tail whipping fast behind her, and before Meyliene and the company's eyes the horse began to transform. It started to sprout wings of white grandeur. The soft furs began to shine and looked as a hard surface as scales started to form and the horse became a dragon. Camille joined the Red Dragon in the skies as they both flew toward one another. A fog flew around the White Dragon and the stars brought forth the light of day in the darkest time of night. The two dragons began fighting, biting each other and clawing. The White Dragon did much damage and bit into the neck of the demon, but spat the blood out as it was foul tasting. The Red Dragon then bit the white and enjoyed the taste of the blue blood that tasted refreshing and sweet. Meyliene was about to pass out from the poison that was seeping into her veins from the arrow. "Eru, may you grace us with your blessing." she spoke watching Camille, the White Dragon-guardian of Elves and protector of the innocent, fight the demon that hunted them. The colorful clouds were surrounding the two and it was then she fell asleep."notes:  this piece was inspired by my fanfic i have been working on for about four years now called The Mystics-which in my own mind follows after the Lord of the Rings....yea i know its sad....but it helped me with writing and imagination ive pretty much abandoned the project for now-as college has set in, and my number one editor and i have currently not been speaking for about two years now. This was my 1st time drawing dragons so take it easy on me

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