James Webster

I want to become Poet Laurate in the next 30 years of my life. I have an email poetry list that I would be willing to add any one to. I have lofty goals, but I also have the desire to make sure they come true. Right now I am looking for an agent to help speed the process up so if you would please leave a comment for me about my work, I would graciously appreciate it. I plan to have my first book printed by the age of 21.


The Journey Home: Chapter One

This story features two major characters who play a vital role in my fantasy world. Most places named in this story are names borrowed from the Tolkein book 'Unfinished Tales' published and annotated with notes by his son. I have given it a twist that will hopefully further develope in later additions.

The Cursed Blade

A story about one of the magical items I created in my D&D campaign.

The Tale of June (part one)

This story is about a human female who finds her lover dead. She then seeks out the killer in revenge.

The Faerie of Death

A poem about the Faerie of Death and her approach to me.