Bio: 06.04.2003 -- It's Independence Day. Two new pictures up. Nothing really exciting. Busy taking Linear Algebra and working on the Cheesemonsters submission. 11.30.2002 -- Got a Wacon tablet about a week ago. *me loves me wacom tablet* 'Dream Tides', the new splash image for Blood and Ebony is now completed. It's been more than year since I've last worked on Dark Pride stuff. (And more than a couple months since I've last posted something.) Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! ^_^       Won't promise anything too soon, but I will be working on some more colored images to come out in December--and it WON'T be cheap stuff! ^^       08.28.2002 -- biology, chemistry, and physics; all of those hardcore sciences. *faints* New stuff: just a bio update, and I will fix links soon. There's been no time for pictures lately -_-. Also got to get the artistic touch back into my fingers. *ugh* 06.23.2002: Two new pictures--finally did some CG, but I'm SOOO lazy. Only doing faces now because there's hardly any other time for much else. Visit my personal site, Extracellular Matrix! Blood and Ebony is also back up... I am also a member of the Cheesemonsters Yaoi Anthology to be released at this year's 2003 con. Find out how you can support us! Accomplices in Crime (in Elfwood): Jennifer Tsai -- My lots younger and tons more talented younger sister. Go visit!! Henry Chan -- An excellent web designer and professional wedding photographer friend who did lovely watercolor illustrations. Marie Mortesan -- From Denmark; she has been illustrating her own comics long long before I have. Rikke Lindskov Loft -- A good friend of Marie. She has the funniest SD comic about a streotype Devil and Angel! H. Ching -- a fellow EW artist with a very lively, dynamic black and white style! ! Amber R. 'Perly' Carter -- another EW artist with some very expressive artwork. Phil Chen -- a young Elfwood artist whose attention to detail is extremely remarkable. A must see! Kelley Kat Torquemada -- Very awesome anime style. I just love the way she does eyes.