Rachael Evans

August 2009Welcome travelers!  When I first discovered Elfwood, I was obsessed with it, addicted if you will.  I checked my site daily and perused my friends galleries, made new friends and left about a million comments.  As time went on, I had children, which took alot of my time and my drawing time dwindled =(  I've kept my gallery active because I have hopes of once again picking up my pencil and creating magic again.  Thank you all for the support and comments throughout the years! Be sure to check out my tours! To find them, just click on the 'Find Stuff' link on the left side of the screen. From there, click on the 'guided tours' link, and then at the very top of the list of tours available, click on the 'by' link, then scroll down about 3/4 of the way and find my name. There you will find four tours by *me* ~Beautiful Birds of the Woods ~Odd* Couples in Love ~Enchanting Fairies of the Woods ~My *Favorite* Little Ponies (From the FanQuarter galleries) Margi - You MUST read her story, Gates of Avaelon! Andrew Cryer - Some very beautiful figure drawing!! Chris Malidore - Love his work! Lots of D & D artwork. David House - Amazing graphite! Werner Mueck - I think he is my favorite artist here. Karl Lines - If you love angels, go to this gallery! Mike Burley - Fairies, mermaids and elves, oh my! Mark Andrew Goldfine - If you only visit one of these galleries, make it this one. Chris Dien - Breath taking oils! A little bit of Dragonlance and a little bit of D&D style art. Martin Vire - AWESOME! He's got *mad* skills with ink! Jill Willich - Polymer clay sculpter extrordonaire! You will be taken to another world by her works, I guarantee it! Molly Chan Is totally obsessed with pointy ears ^^ Abranda Sisson Acrylic fairies and angels galore!! She is sooo talented. Topher Quiring Incredible abstract graphite and tattoo art. 'Dr. No Go here and be amazed!!!! Seriously, you will. Nathan Lyon Funny, cute *and* talented, what more could you ask for? Steve Doyle Fun and creative poems and short stories, endless possibilites to choose from! Miranda 'Eve' Day - Here you will find a colorful and diverse world of art ~ and a really great person *^^* Jenny Dolfen - She has quite a few 'Forgotten Realms' pictures, and pictures of *Drizzt*This is a fun little poem I happened upon by chance, okay, well it's really not that litte, but it *is* incredible! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself, it's called Ballad of the Pink Dragon. Seriously, read it and come back and tell me it's not the best poem you've ever read, I dare you *mwa-mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha* I like I enjoy sewing, dancing, renaissance festivals, reading, horseback riding, drawing and painting. Favourite movies My favorite movie ever is The Never Ending Story, followed closely by The Labrynth. I don't watch a lot of televisions really Favourite books Favorite all time book is The Last Unicorn, but I read a lot of series such as George RR Martins - Song of Ice and Fire; The Lord of the Rings; The Harry Potter series; The Belgariad and The Malloreon, and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting Favourite music I pretty much like classic rock