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This here is Caindux, he is an alien known as an Aphidite, an amphibious creature of a different world. He is almost 200 years old, still young, and very wise. He hardly acts out of his "fatherly" mood. Mostly strict, but caring and loving. His front legs move by themselves as the back are in sync to its one sided twin. Walking like a horse, he is fast, many think that he would get his legs tangled, but unless soemthing tripped him or through him off balance and course of action, he would not trip and tangle his legs. His four eyes are pupiless, but he can turned his eyes to look at you, he has whites in his eyes, they just hide well when he looks at you. His tentacles are flexible, not bone, or vertibrey or cartliage, completly like noodles. They are the high point ofhis expression and movment. Covering up his adopted human son, Dax Jagger, with them, and even holding a water boddle to drink from. 2 pairs of lung, two for air, and two for water breathing. When he is underwater his nostrals (on the side of hsi face) Close, along with his ears (which are small), leaving his gills to be open freely, but don't let his aquatic history full you. Currently he resides in the desert with his adopted son Dax, and cna survive, as long as he has clean water to drink. His horn has one perpose as well, it vibrates as he "calls" out with it. The ground rumbles a bit under hsi feet, 5 feet ahead. He has taken his horse and put it against the top of a cave ceiling, making it vibrate with all his might, letting a rock fall happen.I am very happy with him as well! Even if his prfile makes him look all soft, atleast his lines and facial expression shows his personallity is not so soft.(C) JEDA~

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