Kristin Anderson

I'm really excited to have my artwork displayed among the best on Elfwood. I've admired this site for years and now I'm a part of the 'chosen ones'. Anyway...I'm 18 years old a high school graduate and head out to Pittsburgh for college. I'm kinda a nerd who love Star Wars, and, I admit, a little of Harry Potter. Hey man, they have good plots! Anyhoo...after clearing that up... I'd really like to hear from fellow artists at Elfwood or just anyone who visits. I really want to know if I have potential to sell or even commission. If you're interested in either, just let me know! I hope to have a personal website up and running to display my jewelry creations as well. I'm interested in art of any kind. The more hands-on, the better! Um...currently single and dying to get out on my own and be free! (Pssst.....!:If you would like to see something in art form that's like any of my artwork displayed, let me know! I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for inspiration and ideas whey my fingers itch for a pencil!)