Currently studying Game Writing. I draw quicker that I have time to upload. And I hate deleting things ):   I like order so I arranged my gallery in categories The categories are the following: Craft category. Craft, duh . Creature category. All kinds of strange creatures that my over-active imagination makes up. Dragon category. Dragons, dragons, dragons. EEMW category. EEMW stands for the Evil Empire of the MilkyWay, witch is the name of my SF comic. People tend to tell me it's good. Human category. Not necessarily humans, but everything that reminds of humans in anatomy and mentality. I guess this will change overtime But for now its good (: Enjoy I like COMICS! (that includes manga and graphic novels, these are also comics!) Favourite movies All the Miyazaki movies, Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Stardust, Firefly (I like the TV series better than the movie Serenity), Life on Mars...umm.. Doctor Who! Favourite books My favourite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchet, Neil Gaiman, Scott Mc Cloud (and I have reasons to belie that these four know each other.. that's scary...), Alisair Reynolds, Tad Williams, Vernor Vinge, Isaac Asimov and a lot of other authors..