Jeffrey Block

Hello everyone and welcome to my Fanquarter gallery. I'm not sure how large this gallery will get, since I don't do very much fan art. In fact most of my fan art is more marginal since I tend to adapt extisting characters...okay, so I turn them into cat-girls, is that so bad? :) So what inspires me? Well, Diablo II has been the biggest inspiration in terms of fan art. I love the game and there's a lot of possibilities for original art from that. I am quite fond of anime of all sorts, so don't be surprised if some Slayers or Saber Marionette J fan art pops in here. Okay, enough yapping from me. Feel free to post comments and email me if you like. And of course visit my Lothlorien gallery along with my personal web page - lots more cat-girl goodness.9/17/05 - Wow...another month, another update and some more DOA fan art! This time it's something for all you Kasumi lovers (don't worry - Helena is still my fave!) and this time she's in both blue and black outfits. Meow! Be sure to visit my Fantasy/Sci-Fi gallery if you haven't been there before. Thanks bunches for visiting and commenting...I really appreciate all the feedback! Bye for now!