Jeff Karlson

My name is Jeff. I've been writing songs and stories since I was 13.I've had a lot of things to say, but few ways to express myself. One of those ways is by writing down what's in my head and my heart in the form of a story. I usually live vicariously through the characters, and they usually are based off of a part of me.My writing may not be good. It may be great. That depends on who you are and which story you read. I'm not going to stand here and tell you I'm proud of everything I've ever written. But I guess one of these pieces might mean something to somebody. If you see it, please, drop me a comment. If not, I thank you for getting this far.


This is a small poem about releasing dragons into the world.


I just found this on my computer and realized with a little editing, it might not be half bad. So check it out.

On the Bus

I am aware it's probably judically inaccurate, but I like it anyway.

The Wolf

Yeah...this is probably one of the best things I ever wrote. I got this idea while pondering the death penalty. This seemed like an interesting situation, and I followed where it took me.


Everyone's gotta write a xenocide story. It's part of life :)


I dunno how to put's a pretty short story. Anyway...I started it one day, and then the rest of it slowly came to me. It's probably not too good, but I think it's still pretty cool.


Ok...I'm submitting this story that I just started writing about an hour or two ago. I had the idea earlier, and I wasn't going to write it, but then I was like, 'what the heck.' So here it is, I hope you like. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Power locked is a cool verb :)

Of Wolves And Spiders

I kinda felt a little hurt when the mods called this story a dream :P And I guess I may have over-reacted when I submitted this :P I really do appriciate what the mods do, without them I would have a lot more trouble showing off my stories, no matter how much they suck. So yay mods *clap clap clap* I hope you like it. :)