Jacqueline AKA Eilonnwy

Hello, welcome to my Fanquarter section on Elfwood. I'm not big on drawing fanart, but something about Inuyasha says 'Draw me!' XD So most of the stuff here is from Inuyasha. I might have characters from other series if I ever get the urge. Enjoy. ^_^ Last ticket submitted on 12/16/04 Note: The picture is me dressed as human Inuyasha at Otakon04...showing cleavage...>.>;;



This story is Damaen-centric though includes bits of Charon and Tetsu in it. It takes place six months before this comic starts and Damaen is a human in it. (He was turned into a vampire only like a week a before this comic pick ups). It's just an angsty little ficlet that I got the urge to write at 12am. x_x Enjoy! The characters from this story are from mine and my friend Rae's Webmanga, Avalon.

Lei Fyrlight - Part Two

Here's the second part to the Lei Fyrlight story. Whee! I was writing it at like 1am in the morning. What can I say? When I've got a rythym going I need to stick to it. -_^ Read the exile for the Epilogue to this story.


This story is about a young epileptic girl who suffers brain damage. The story was inspired by real life events.


Another English assignment. Yee! We had to take a theme from Hamlet and write about it. So I took my guy Trevor and stuck him in a story with a theme. Yar! I was gonna call it 'Poisoned Life' but I don't like that name anymore. *sighs* Anyways, I like it lots. ^_^ Enjoy!

The Unicorn

This story is about a girl's encounter with a magickal unicorn. I wrote this story as an English assignment back in my Freshman year. I think it's one of my favorite stories because what happened to the girl depends on how you interpret it.

The Exile

This story was originally for an English but I turned it into an epilogue for my Lei Fyrlight story. Before you read this, you should read Lei Fyrlight part one and two, but you can read it seperate if you want.


This is another sort of healing and uplifting story. It's basically about a girl who is hurting inside and after being visited by a faery, her inner pain starts to heal.


This is a little poem, sort of about what goes on in my head. I'm always imagining things that has to do with fantasy and such, so I guess in this poem I tried to describe what I imagine. I'm not much of a poet though, but I thought it was cute anyways. ^_^

Lei Fyrlight - Part One

This is the first part of my Lei Fyrlight story. (Lei is a character in an RPG chat I'm an administrator of.) This takes place before the Exile and is continued on Lei Fyrlight: Part 2.