Jennifer Hoffman

I'm in the third year of an animation program currently. I have loved fantasy as long as I can remember and have been drawing it even longer. I may not be the greatest out there, but I love doing it and plan to make a career of animation. My biggest goal with my art is realism (and making the unreal come to life is a real treat) which gives me the opportunity to apply the fruits of my studies in anamtomy. My other favorite is using that same knowledge of anatomy to combine several real life anotomical structures into one cohesive, realistic form of a dragon. Lately though, I've been attacking my biggest weakness, the human form, and therefore have little recent work on my specialty, dragons. What inspires me? Sorry to say it, but it's people who can't draw and think they can. Even though it sounds mean, when I can see people who are blind to their weaknesses it reminds me of my own and I can't help but go and attempt fixing them. Also, I'm inspired by good writing of any kind, which includes some RPGs like Final Fantasy VII. They just get those creative juices flowing. Not only reading good writing, mind you, but writing it too. My skills in writing are about as good as my drawing, in a word, 'improving.' I don't know if I'll be writing anything on this site yet, just because, although I do have my own ideas raging through that space between my ears, I just can't seem to get the ambition to take on a project as big as writing a story completely of my own creation. I do write though, but it's all fanfiction with the exception of one 20 page little piece I already entered for publication elsewhere. Well, I don't think there's too much else to say about myself, and besides, most of you probably quit reading after the first sentance. LOL Well, if that's NOT the case and you want to read MORE about me then you must be even crazier than I am... Anyway, by all means, enjoy my endeavors!


This is a dissection of the home of Miyetaran's people. As I write up more background filler info, it will all appear in this file.

Dragon Blood

This is an excerpt from a novel I would like to someday complete. It's of a flashback belonging to Miyetaran, whom can be seen in my gallery.

The End of the Dream

Faries, an elf, and a priestess, though not how you might expect. It's short, but I enjoyed writing it.