Jenessa David

I am a 15 year old, who, in the fall, will be starting my sophomore year of high school. I love heavy metal and any music with meaningful lyrics. I have a major weakness for anything vampire-related - I love it all. I have been role playing for three great years, and writing for nearly as long. All I know about my future is that I want to keep writing. I don't exactly know what motivates me to write. Sometimes I'll just be laying in bed and an idea will hit me, or sitting at my computer at 4 in the morning and I'll just start typing. Please, leave me some comments if you have the time! Feedback is extremely important! Thanks! Crossings: Chapter Two will be up soon. It's been delayed a bit by...well, by my laziness. >_< But I promise to work on it. Also, a new poem, possibly titled 'Elven Glade', might be up soon. It depends on how long it takes me to be satisfied with it.

Night of the Silver Kiss

This is a simple tale of how one is changed into one of the incredible nightstalkers known as vampires. After 'Eternity' was submitted to and published, I was asked to submit another poem for another book of theirs, and this is what I sent them. Hopefully they will like this too. Just a quick note on the title because I have been asked about it in the past...for those of you who don't know, when a vampire bites someone, it is called either the Embrace or the Silver Kiss. I chose 'Night of the Silver Kiss' because I thought it would sound nice and mysterious. ^_^

Tainted Angel

This is how I describe a lot of my writing/role playing characters...sort of a fall from grace and whatnot. I thought this would have been longer, but people seem to like it the way it is, so I will just leave it unless an idea hits me and its too good not to add.

Truly Hell

A fine example of what my morbid mind can sometimes produce. It even scared my guidance counselor.

Crossings - Chapter One: Causes

This is the story form of an RPG set in a fantasy/medieval world that my friend Erika and I have created by writing in a notebook with posts several times a day. This is only the first chapter, and there are many more to come. The RPG, in fact, is still going on. The actions of Shadow, Darius, Mosley, Dark Cloud and Julius come from posts I made. The actions of Reuben, Exalin, Toji, Zendra, Camady, Leo, Starlight, Harmony, the pheonix and Tarkan are all Erika's doing.


I love vampires and this is just one of my ways of showing my affection. It basically tells about how some of the not-so-evil vampires feel about being what they are. This was the poem that I sent to They ended up publishing it in their poetry anthology book 'Love And Laughter' (Okay, sad vampire poem + Love and Laughter = ???). It also ended up getting me a spot among 36 poets whose poems would be put on a CD collection and an Editor's Choice award and a spot in another anthology book--Night of the Silver Kiss is the one I entered for that. If you're wondering...Eternity was renamed to 'A Vampire's Eternity' for the Love and Laughter book. And I think some of it was changed to meet length requirements.