Weeeeeell, it's certainly been a while!! Small updates, sorry to everyone for not replying to comments sooner - Life has kept meh at bay. Much love to everyone, more updates later Ni Hao! (hello^^) I'm a 20 year old scorpio with dark strawberryblonde hair and hazel eyes. I'm about 5'9 give or take an inch and my weight varies from season to season^^;;. I love anime, manga, video games (mostly of the RPG persuasion), chocobos, bishounen (pretty boys),Music (band, choral, classical, jass, swing...all of them pretty much), computers, literature, and art. I love to swim too...something about being in water...just love it. ^_^ I have two lovely cats, A-ko and B-ko, that I love very much...and my compy, Dilandau. My 'weapon' of choice when drawing: colored pencils, though I can use almost anything. Never used oils or charcoal in my life, but I'd like to. I usually draw in an anime style, but it's not the only thing i can do. (the only thing I have scanned probably, but not the only thing I can do) Well, I hope you enjoy my work! Jaa neh! (bye^^)