Jennifer (Nambroth)

Welcome to my gallery! I'm currently 25 and reside in the United States. I work mainly with Painter and real media to create my most recent artwork. Thank you for your continued support, suggestions, and comments, all. I always appreciate it!! I don't usually have time to respond to comments, but they always get read, thank you!All the work in this gallery, and the rest of my galleries, may not be used without my permission I cleaned out much of my older work. Don't worry if you're looking for it; it can all still be found on my website.For the the most recent works, you are welcome to visit my Deviantart gallery, which is updated with the most frequency until I get my website redone.I do sell my work in various forms (both prints and originals), if you're interested please don't hesitate to contact me, I love getting email. If you have any questions you are also welcome to contact me! I will always do my best to get back to you promptly.Please remember that all my work is copyrighted and use without permission is illegal! If you need to use one of my artworks for something you must email me for permission- I cannot grant it though comments on Elfwood. Thanks!!Thanks for looking, and enjoy! I like All forms of art, dragons, gryphons, fantasy in general, color, light, Geocaching, Horizons, flying. Favourite music Opeth, Balligomingo- anything except rap or country.