Jenna Pickering

Hi everyone! Oooh back to uni! 3nd year now! Anyway, 'bout moi. I'm a 20 year old student studying criminology and psychology at uni (thats a mixture of Defence Against the Dark Arts, Legilimency, Occulumency, Muggle Studies and Arithmancy if I were at Hogwarts!). I adore Harry Potter (Snape and Lupin are oh-so-cool, and just about all of my fan art is devoted to this amazing series). I also love Animorphs, Garth Nix and Philip Pullman, and I intend to read Lord of the Rings sometime (so far I've only managed The Hobbit). *Way hey! (hmm I seem to like this word...)I am finally the owner of a nice new graphics tablet - which is currently not working!!! It's taking a while to get used to it but I'm sure I'll be uploading some of my new stuff quite soon.* ICan't wait to see the new GoF movie!