I have nothing new to say. All has already been said... And yet I still exist... I still would bring forth utterences though futile and functionless for only the thought that someone might recognize them and connect. Subtle is the drive of whim. You may not place the chains of logic nor the glare of bright reason and overtake what is human of us. Our mood, our chaos... Irrationality has born dreams and treasures far greater than cold conformity. And so I breathe another breath of brick brack ashen shreds of torn numbers and text. To make sense of what does not make sense. To re-think, re-speak, reiterate what has all already been said. To gleam hope and heart and spirit into the cloudy mist of swimming uncertainty. My mind and yours. Denied or otherwise. I have always been an artist... shapes fascinate me for some reason... I have always been a book-person as people so kindly point out to me... I like words, just like lines they are like a puzzle... They can fit together beautifully if only you can discover thier patterns, thier secrets, their programs. Words and shapes are how we define our world, how we understand it. When we look at another persons art we are looking at the world through their eyes. Seeing the things that they see, understanding what the artist appreciates. Art is a perspective. Art is relative. Art defines an individual but never a whole... I'm not really sure where my inspiration comes from. I often look at my surroundings and see things that I think could be improved upon. Art *is* fantasy for me. When I draw I am putting together a puzzle in my mind, I am making sense of the world and of beauty. I am drawing dreams, imagination, thought. I am playing God...Superficial Info:  Birthdate: (August)1983  Location: San Diego, California (USA) Occupation: College studentFAQ: Can I use your Characters on my webpage, Lj icon, avatar, roleplaying character?:  Yes and no: So long as you do not remove my copywrite notice, or if you crop the image include a copywrite notice and a link back to my elfwood page in the case of a webpage posting please email me with the url so I can keep track of all my loose images.  Of course do not claim the work as your own, and do not alter or redistribute.  Commercial use is also strictly prohibited. What media do you use?: Mechanical pencil, Micron and Copic fine tipped pens, Prisma colored pencils, Prisma Markers and Tria Markers Do you have any tutorials?: Not yet, if more people express interest though I might consider making one. Do you do requests?: Not usually, if you request a concept that is down my alley, or that sounds interesting to me I might draw it. Do you do Art trades?:  Yes, I might say no if I'm particularly busy though, or if I'm feeling lazy :) Do you do Commissions?: Yes, email me for prices, which vary according to the size and difficulty of the project. Some people to visit Julie (Jewel) Crowley, Christian A. Iken, Melissa A Hitchcock, Rebecca L. Mroczkowski, Laura 'Lady D' Korhonen, Arwen ~PsychoWolf~ Savage, Amelia (Elioon) Stoner, Holly E. Sober, Daniel B. Taylor, Kristyn *Ruudi* Armour, Cori E. Robinson, Kirk A. Dymbrowsk, Adrian Jain, Jukka J. Matikainen, William Li, Michael S. LaReaux, Gregory 'the Jackal' Edwards, R. Scott Kennan, Update 1-03-09:It's been a long while, not much has changed, but it looks like elfwood has.  I see Thomas is finally trying to revive this place, so maybe I'll start uploading more.  For more of my art and more frequent uploads be sure to visit me at deviant art, the link should be on this page. I like Mythical beasts, hybrids, dragons, philosophy, politics, writing, reading, drawing, saying random things to strangers. Favourite movies Lost, Carnivale, Firefly, Heroes, BSG Favourite books Anything by Ursula K. Leguin Favourite music Trance, foriegn, classical