Parted Never Again

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Jennifer Simmons

Leonine turns and picks up the dagger and hands it to Jazz then addresses those gathered. 'Many of you know already that cattassan magic runs in our blood, when a catttassan weds, the blood of the couple is exchanged, as is the magic, this is the part of the wedding ceremony that truley binds them to one another’s heart, body and Soul, in fact, many couples merely pre-form this in private and then they are considered wed.' Jazz reaches out with his right hand to take the dagger from the king then reaches for her left as gently as he can he draws it along the palm of her hand she takes the dagger with her right hand from him and then carefully slits his left palm then she holds her hand to his so that there blood will intermingle They Both look up and into each others eyes and simultainsly speak the words of the vows 'Heart of my heart, love of my life.. speaker to my soul.. our lives enmeshed.. our blood entwined.. two souls now become one.. forever now and always will I love ye and keep myself only for thee, my love for you is deeper then any love around, it is my bond unto you, now and forever, I am yours.' when the words are said a soft glow starts to envelop the couple then spread out to the room, the air hums with strong magic and all those assembled in the room will feel the strength of there bond. for they already had a natural soul bond and the wedding bond of the milling of blood makes it even stronger. Softpaw gasps softly as this happens her hand griping to jazz's tightly. Jazz gasps as well when he fells the bond strengthening beyond that witch it was. power strength love flowing around them filling the inn and passing through all those assembled, filling them with love and feelings of goodwill. all positive emotions enhanced tenfold. At long last after nine years, Eight of them with him in a POW camp, and one Foiled first wedding attempt (Barker showed up and kidnaped jazz) Softpaw and Jazz are wed. He had to pull a surprise wedding on her to get it done but it happened at last to both of theirs great joy. The lovers at last truly together forever, never to be parted again If you wish to read the log of the wedding you can do so HERE this painting means a lot to me, that's why I put so much detail into it, as My Dragon plays Jazz and Softpaw is my oldest most favorite and most important char, and the one that is more me then anyone else. this was like a pre wedding to my real one oh and while it wasn't PLANNED the Roleplay of the wedding happened on Mine and my Dragon's Anniversary of the day we started dateing. :)

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