Welcome to my little flower patch in the woods! I am known online as both Softpaw, and as the Fae kitty. :) what is a Fae Kitty you ask? well I am both a fairy and a feline so..fae kitty! *smiles* I don't write much so there may not be a lot here. what you'll find mostly is stories taken from Roleplays in #Gilded_Rose_Inn or Stories about Softpaw and my other cattassans, a feline magic using race I made up ages ago. Was orignaly for a book but that's stalled, they get used in Roleplay now. New story added, Ayumi's beginnings, new stroy in progress added, A Dragon's princess and more to Farewell to Innocence is added

Farewell to Innocence

Work in Progress, Jazz and Softpaws last full day tother, and what happens afterwards when she gets the news of his 'death' I'll be adding to it as I get more written, suggestson are more then welcomed it has a painting I did with the same name that is on my loth gallery HERE and NOTE I've spellchecked most of it but haven't grammer checked it becuse i'm typing it in compser. when done I'll grammercheck it on my Fiances computer with MS works. Another NOTE, the plots worked out to the end, what happens has been established, this is a Written account of it.


First off, I don't like the title but I can't think of a better one , so Suggestions on that would be nice. This is a short little story telling a bit of back history to my Character Ayumi. Its the story of just why she got raised with normal swans and the day the 'shining woman:' gave her her cloak and why. It came to me very quickly, well the urge to write it out. It's been spell and Grammarchecked so anything left. that's my style of writing ok.   enjoy  I hope.

Come, Dance with me

This is a poem I wrote in resposne to a silly email my fiance sent me. It all just suddenly came out of my head. It has a paiting to match it called Moondance

A Dragon's Princess

Yet another work in progress This story is really a reworking of an online roleplay between my Dragon and I, Lina and Sahiv's meeting and the start of there most unusual relationship, and the trials and tribulations they have to go though because of it. It will make a very  good read when done, at least I think so anyways. I'm taking the log and transcribing it into story form, adding more details here and there and putting  a good lot of it into my own style. It's going to take a while to do but I hope you like what I've done. again Spell check has been run but grammar and punctuation check hasn't.