Jennifer Watkins

Update: I have returned! All rejoice upon my glorious return! I had problems with phones, electricity bills, blah blah blah. The point is, I am back, with my OWN internet in MY name, MY bill, I pay for it not my parents. A step up into the adult world! I also have other bills, a checking account and a credit card, so watch out! But I am still living at home, which sucks. And after that wonderful first semester at college (I majored in graphic design, and I took English composition, Anthropology, 2D design and Drawing 01), I had problems with my financial aid, and I still have problems, so I've just been working. I think I'll try to go to another school, called College for Creative Studies, next Fall. Or when I go visit my friend Bri, I'm going to check out the Art Institute there. Just ideas. But I will go back to school! *sigh* But I am back, and I missed Elfwood and everyone here! I feel bad for those who were commenting and wondering where I was, and angry at the people who put down my work when I wasn't around to defend myself! Someone was rude enough to make a mean comment on my birthday! How dare you! I'm not really that mad...Anyway, I welcome myself back, if that is possible, and I give you more of my art and writings! I am now 20, in June of this new year I will be 21. But in my heart I'm still about 15 years old. Except when I'm grouchy, then I feel like I'm about 40. If that makes sense. So all I do for now is work, eat, sleep, draw, bead (my new phase) and write. I still work on 'Meitel' but much of my art has been concerned with the story 'Day Drifter.' Maybe I can put some written work on Elfwood about it. It's great to be back! I also have a deviantArt account, so if you would like to see art you don't see here, especially my jewelry designs and non fantasy artwork, go here! Also, go check out Bri at Elfwood and her deviantArt page! And don't forget about Eva!