Jennifer Watkins

I love Harry Potter and Zelda and certain anime, so I will draw mostly characters pertaining to these subjects. When I say anime, I mean Miyazaki's stuff, though I've only seen three of his works, 'Spirited Away', 'Mononoke Hime', and 'Kiki's Delivery Service'. I love all three, and I plan on seeing the rest that Miyazaki has done. As for Zelda, I didn't play the old games, I've only played those for N64, and because I loved the art work in the player's guides and the animation in the game, I started drawing a little of it. The design of the Zelda characters influenced my anime style, back when I drew a lot of it. I used to draw dbz characters a lot, but they were all mostly copies of what I saw on tv, except a few. I have one that will be show cased here, a picture of Buu, and I find it hillarious. Well, take a look around, and go look at my fantasy, sci fi, and wyvern's library stuff! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Rantings of a Vampire

It was supposed to be a sonnet, but I didn't write enough lines for it. But I believe it is in iambic pentameter.

The Cursed Wallet

During summer school, I had some really dumb english assignments. Since I'm actually very smart in english, and only failed the stupid class in the first place because of attendance, I was a genius in the class. Heh..We had to write a story starting with 'On my way to 7-11 I found a wallet on the ground.' Well, most people wrote whether or not they kept it. I, kinda took a different route...


It's a poem about two lovers, Noameth and Dovriel. Sad....*sniff*

Journey To Them Below

This is about merpeople. Sorry to spoil the surprise, but I was afraid that elfwood wouldn't except it!

Temporary Relief

Just the thoughts of a vampire-like character I like to call Vel...

A Spell of Return

The sequel poem to Galiathorn...will Noameth be able to save Dovriel from the evils of the demon darks of Galiathorn?