2003-07Ahzleignia Stormbrook and Lorienna Windreaver

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Jeremy Campbell

This is a piece of fantasy concept art for Ahzleignia Stormbrook, an elven swordswoman, and Lorienna Windreaver, a human archer sorcerer, are a pair of adventurers. They travel the wilds searching for relics from the past. They have a penchant for running across bands of outlaws and maurauding creatures. Both young for their respective races, the two could not be much different in personality. Ahzleignia is serious as a heart attack and single minded to a fault. Lorienna is playful and carefree. Ahz, as Lorienna likes to call her, is lean and athletic. While Lorienna Windreaver, Ahzleignia calls everyone by their full name, is voluptuous. In a fight they compliment each other perfectly. Ahz, with never a thought for defense, rushes headlong into close quarter combat, generally drawing the bulk of the attention and damage while Lorienna starts picking things off with a bow she conjures from thin air. For some odd reason she rarly conjures arrows, prefering to use the arrows she crafts during her free time. While not particularly adept at healing magics Lorienna has learned a few tricks that she gennerally uses to keep Ahz alive and beautiful after she's been chopped up. One day they'll probably run into a wizard who keeps his head and kills Lorienna before turning his attention to the charging whirlwind that is Ahzleignia, but so far their luck hasn't run out.

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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