Jeremy Robinson

I am Jeremy. Quite frankly it's not a name that's really associated with any kind of nickname, but I am sometimes called 'dude', so I'll count that. I draw because it allows my brain to spill its ideas before it explodes. It amazes me how my mind can create images and even animations in my head that seem so real, I wonder if I've already seen them someplace before, he he. So I try my best to put my ideas on paper to share with the world. Only problem is that they never look completely like what I imagined, so only practice will show me whether or not I CAN duplicate my mind's eye. My dream in life is to become and animator and a novelist. My ideas aren't limited to drawing, but also span the world of reading. I can both describe and show viewers what I'm talking about. I plan to be a successful animator and a successful writer. The only thing that can prove me wrong is me. I hope all of you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it, thank you.