J Shannon

Hello Folks, Well I figured it was high time I updated my Bio so here goes. I am 33 and live on the Island of Malta although I originally come from the UK. I've always loved Fantasy especially Tolkien, at the age of 30 I started drawing after being introduced to Photoshop by a friend. Starting with just simple things I have steadily over this last 3 years taught myself the basics of art (although i admit I have a very long way to go) having had no formal training or schooling in Art I am like alot of you and have just learnt through trial and error. My main job is as a Chef but it is my hope to oneday be good enough to be a Freelance Artist and perhaps even do it full time. I have actually done a little freelance work which I am very proud of , even a few covers which is a dream come true, I am a huge fan of 'Tolkien' and the art that is inspired by his works also by the talented artists here at Elfwood. Please feel free to comment on my work and perhaps to give some helpfull advice.I have prints and other items on sale at my webpage here www.jeshannon.com