Hey! My name is Jessica. I want to tell you a bit about myself so take a seat… and if you already sitting good for you. So as you can see I can be a little hyper at times… only a little *Cough*. Anyway… something interesting about me… hmm… *Ponders* well I love horses, I own seven horses and three cows. I am a beginner barrel racer and a true Cowgirl... LOL. My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, and horseback riding, western only, although jumping interests me very much. I love my family; there are 9 of us, a lot I know. I am a Christian and love God. Go ahead and tell me that God and Jesus are dumb I don’t care because that’s what you believe in and I respect that so the least you could do is respect my beliefs. I love to watch TV my favourite shows are Lost, The Class, and Grey’s Anatomy. I am in grade ten and I am sixteen. When I graduate, and I can’t wait too, Katie (My Friend) and I want too own a western stable together in Alberta (That’s in Canada). And no we are not lesbians or bys.  Well bye for now. =D