Oh, fine - another bio. I will do my best to find something more or less interesting information about me. I'm from Germany and 25 years old. My job is to develop banking software for an automobil bank. During my spare time, I love to read - mostly fantasy. I'm truely of obsessed by any kind of elves and elf-like creatures. As for my favorite books there are Tad Williams Memory, Sorrow and Thorn triology and Tolkiens Silmarillion. I'm a great admirer of the japanese culture and of the art of manga. Besides the commercial mangas I'm collecting doujinshis (japanese fan comics). Well, I guess I should end this here before I bore you all to death (^_^) Bulletin Board I'm sorry to tell you that I won't able to do simple request any more. I simply realised that the concept of doing some else characters isn't working to well for me. I need a connection to the character I'm working on to lure my muse out of the darkness. This isn't a question of money - I won't do commisions either.  I know that sounds a bit harsh and I don't want to know how many people I did discourage by just the first line. But read this note till the end: there are new rules for submitting a request. But be warned, these rules are more complicated than sending an email about your character and the picture you want to receive. You have to feed my muse in some way. That's it. Do something creative. A short story, a poem, an art trade, a funny statement why I should do this. It doesn't matter whose characters you use. I doesn't even matter if it is fantasy at all. I just have to like your submission be creative...^___^  I do know this is a bit of topic but I'm still looking for an english beta reader of my MS&T fanfiction. I did start the translation of the first chapter but I'm no mother speaker. Updates: August 2005: after spending some time doing my elemental series I will return to my favorite motive - the Sithi - for awhile. The update includes original and fandom character. Maybe some of you still remember Ann'ai - well, he returned to my gallery. February 2006: Lot of time have gone by since I last updated my gallery. So I promise that there will be soon an update. This and I will try to restart recommenting...boy, there is much work to do *drop* - but some day I will catch up ^__^