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MS&T Fanart - SPOILER WARNING Another 'Memory, Sorrow and Thorn'-based picture and again it's a sithi I would like to introduce to you. An'nai, a minor character, was a hunting companion and kinsmen of the elven Prince Jiriki. Although he died very early at the series - killed by the Snowdragon Igjarjuk - I was quite fond of him for he was a very brave and loyal character. 'Ske'i, spawn of Hidohebhi!' a voice shouted. An instant later An'nai had vaulted onto the creature's hindquarters, grasping the thick fur for support. Singing, he lifted his sword and hacked at a scaly leg. Simon got to his feet and stumbled back, even as the dragon brought up its tail and smashed the Sitha away; An'nai flew fifty cubits to land crumpled in the snow at the valley's exposed rim, nothing beyond him but mist. Jiriki ran after with a cry of anger and despair. Simon tried to shout Jiriki's name, but his throat caught; all that came out was a strangled grunt. The Sitha turned around. His amber eyes were bright. He climbed to his feet beside the body of his comrade, holding his long, runecarved witchwood sword up before him. 'Come, Old One!' Jiriki cried. 'Come to me and taste Indreju, you bastard child of Hidohebhi!' Simon grimaced as he dug toward the prince. No need to shout - the dragon was coming of its own accord. 'Get behind...' Jiriki started to say as Simon reached him, then the Sitha abruptly pitched forward; the snow beneath him had fallen away. Jiriki skidded backwartd toward the valley's edge and the empty distance beyond. Deperately, he reached out to grab at the snow. An'nai, a bloodied tangle, lay undisturbed a curbit away. Tad Williams, MS&T Book I 'The Dragonbone Chair'

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