Jesse Acosta

Oh Geeze. This is fun =P Okay, I've been drawing since I've been able to pick up a crayon. I have always loved to draw Super heroes, and ficticious adventures. My childhood was full of games of imagination. I enjoy watching movies, reading, and drawing. My favorite authors are: HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, and Phillip K. Dick. I prefer Science Fiction over fantasy, but I hate Star Ship movies such as Star Trek and such, but you may ocassionaly catch me watching Star Trek Next Generation. In the science fiction world, I enjoy robots(asimov), replicants(Blade Runner), and other exciting things like that. But I also enjoy Fantasy as well. I'm more into Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane, rather than the ordinary Knight in shining armour on some mystical quest he was fortold of in a revelation. I don't play much video games anymore due to the fact that the systems and games are so frickin' expensive. I have a SNES and a Nintendo and I play Ninja Gaiden, Mario, or Super Street Fighter ][ or Street Fighter Alpha all the time. Capcom is the coolest gaming company in the world. I have been studying Japanese for about 2 years now in High School, and next year(2000ad) when I start college, I want to be an interpretor or something to that effect. I currently run a website(, where I have a large gallery and an ongoing coming book. I will be posting a tutorial sometime soon. Anyways, I think I have blabbed enough, if you have any questions, E-mail me(, or ICQ me, my number is: 24574669.