Jess Hanna

I return to the living, or some such comment.  I've revamped, renewed and over all, consider myself Jessv2.0.  Still buggy, but new and improved, or at least my ego likes to think so.  I've some new stuff that's different and more coming as soon as I type it up with revamps following that shortly. My new stories tend to be twists on time, space or backstabbing governments.  All of which I heartily approve long as it happeneds to someone else and they give me rights to dramatise it for profit.

Shadow of a Past life-First section

Weird little story. Started the idea with the first paragraph, and still haven't the slightest as to where it will go. Needs some editing, but enjoy. :)

Shore Leave

A tale of intrige and backstabbing. There's not a whole lot of meat yet, but it'll be moving quicker soon. I'm always looking for comments or critiques on all my writing, as harsh or gentle as you feel comfortable making.

Shadow- Part 2

*Shrugs* what good book is without it's dream parts?. Dreams are importentt later, but can't say too much about them now.

Shadow-Part 5

Triston...favorite of my charicters besides Lil' Rebel. Another thing that will come around later, but not quite yet.

Shadow-Part Three

Gnomes....gotta love them. Based loosely off my brother *shh! don't tell him!*. The gnome is in the next story after this, or later on. Haven't desided yet.

Shadow-Part Four

'Nother dream. Be several throughout, and they will make sense later, promise. :)