NOTE: I originally joined Elfwood in early 1998.......and was in Galler 25 back when there were only 10 artists a page and there was no Fanquarter or Wyvern's Library. Not that many years later, I quit updating here. My stories in the Library were removed for not having black text (A rule that was added after they were originally accepted). My Fanquarter was killed when most of it was removed for not stating the name of the series and what the Japanese said in the pictures (such as stating that Naruto is from "Naruto" and that the background katakana also read "Naruto"). Even my "Chibi Gabrielle" who I had labeled keywords as being from Xena back in the time of the extranet was removed for not saying where she was from--and the kicker is that THAT drawing was in the logo for Fanquarter (since removed by my request because I was made and in part still am) and was linked to from Sylvia's FARP article on anime.So for the many many times Elfwood has screwed up my stuff for changing rules with no chance to fix them before stuff was removed (not fair in the extreme to hold stuff that's been here a year or more old to new rules I was not made aware of), I have quit Elfwood. Thankyou very much, Elfwood, for causing the comment THE AUTHOR of Aliens Ate My Homework, Bruce Coville, left on a fanart of mine to be deleted because my mostly purged fanquarter no longer had enough submissions in it. Or was it because I didn't say the book was by Bruce Coville? They were in the fanart section so it's obvious that I didn't own the characters.Anyways, I loved that Elfwood allowed comments in the days before Deviant Art, and learned to hate it in the days of the review board came into being and became indescriminate rule nazis and caused all but these last few pictures to be deleted--over 25 items in all.I'm now still into anime as off 2009 and attend a few cons in the midwest. I don't really draw any more, but i like making cosplay and props. 3D stuff is fun! But don't expect to see anything newer than 2003 here.