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Jessie Hoesing

Aww I love this picture and it is a sign of the coming Apocolypse. ^_^ I never draw happy pictures, so why did I? Well, I figured I owed Falchion Cyrice (oldest elf with facial markings) a break. I finished a story that's emotionally disturbing/tearjerker/mind boggling that deals with Falchion. So I figured I'd draw him happy for once. Falchion is playing with his two half siblings. They all share the same mother, which is Wind Caller. Amy and Xyljin are half elves/half demons. Wind's full blooded elf, there father is full blooded demon (but doesn't look like it). So yeah. Such a happy moment I'm gonna cry as the world ends! Scanner killed most of the tiniest details which are the ones I worked hardest on. Lace on the hem of the skirt, pearl bracelet, necklace, just look for li'l things if you can! Done on July 26th, 2003, done in pencils. Falchion, Amethyst, Xyljin (C) to me.

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Ah yes, this little article of writing... I wrote it last year, once more for my religion teacher (how it had to do anything with the topic I don't know lol I don't remember what it was). People liked it, everyone didn't get to hear all of it since it woulda taken all class hour and he was bein' a bum. Anyways, this li'l bit of writing is about one of the thieves from my li'l trio called the Stealing Dragon Trio. Jade's in trouble and is forced to confront her bounty hunter. A fight is involved and such. The ending is horribly weak in my opinion. But I had to end it some how or else it was gonna be TOO long! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

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