Jessica 'Foof' Hale

Yup... As so it goes... This place just isn't big enough!! I don't upload as often to the gallery, but on the essential occasion, I have a tendency to leave a whole new galleroo for the public to view. I pretty much keep only favorites up. ^^ I'm into (anime) Rayearth (or anything CLAMP, for that matter), Excel Saga, Tekkaman Blade II, Steel Angel Kurumi, Photon: The Idiot Adventures, and I can find a few more titles that make me squeal. Videogamewise, I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, my favorite being IX. I dunno why... but I think it's because how much I envy Kuja for his sexy hips! X3 Other video games I like are Bloody Roar, Grandia, and Kingdom Hearts! ^^ Hurrah! Updates--2-10-03-- I've cleared out about all but 6 piccies and have put up 10 more. Rar! I realized how TERRIBLE most looked, and how bad some of them still look (I kinda keep up some of the more popular ones... but I'm starting to really dislike them, so enjoy them while you can.) so I'm hoping to redeem myself by posting more recent art. Now... onward to the galleroo! The annoying red bold type at the bottom of the comments is my own comment of your comment, so I dunno what can really happen there... but I really really do appreciate comments!