~*Jessica Janus*~

Bio Bio... WEE! Bio! Bios are fun! *points up above* Yes, I am Jessica, and I am VERY happy! First time in the woods'. Yay ^_^ Info stuff... Never good at info stuff 9.9; THE BASICS: I'm a 17 year old from tha' eastern coast and a Junior(!) in High School. Happy days! I'm a huge rollercoaster fanatic. In fact, I frequently take trips to Cedar Point (almost too frequently). MILLENNIUM FORCE FOREVER! Biggest, Fastest, Awesome-est 'gigacoaster' there is! Well, at least in the US of A. *grumbles* There's a bigger one somewhere over in Japan. BUT ANYWAY. Apart from being a rollercoaster freak, I absolutely *Adore* dragons and anything dragon-ish. I've been sketching and doodling them since I was in kindergarten. And I'm still afraid to color 'em! >.*eyes the above paragraph* Well then.. that was some time ago. Haven't updated in a while. <.< And I finally found a picture of me that I've decided that I wouldn't mind posting. ^_^; I ~Finally~ found a portrait of myself to post here! I think this is one of the better pics I have. ^_^; So uh, behold... and scream, run...stare... do as you wish *shrugs* That picture was taken last year, but, trust me, I ain't changed much. ^_^