Jessy Ross

Hello. To formally introduce myself I'm Jessy a third year honours graphic design student at the U of Manitoba who is very interested to be here at elfwood! You have probably come here from my other gallery, but if not...thanks for taking interest in my fan art!! I must say,it is an honour to have a gallery here and I hope my art does some justice to the many amazing people that are neighbouring me.At the moment I am learning how to use online colouring programs (Opencanvas, Phtoshop CS, Corel Paintshop etc) so you will experience different levels of knowledge as the months pass,However I hope this does not take away from the nestalgic fanart I will submit! Any comments on this or about helpful techniques would be greatly appreciated as well.I am a large fan of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi and Blizzard games (world of warcraft, Diablo II ) so a lot of the things I post here will be of that nature. It may be repetative, but I love drawing familiar characters for practice!If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me,or if you want to know more about my fanart visit my Deviant Art fanart site here or write a note in my guestbook or gallery and I'll get back to you as soooon as possible. Well you better have some nice comments for my drawings and thanks for visiting my page!!**Unfortunetly the majority of my art IS fanart, but the restraints of only 25 images here is somewhat sad, if you want to see my full body of work please check out , thanks for your support!!!**