I'm 6 ft and have long red hair, with willow green eyes and kind of pale skin and a real strong southern accent . I guess you could say that i'm a hillbilly ( though i hate putting people into groupings), but don't let my nature fool you or make you think I'm simple. I'm a rather sweet and intelligent kind of guy, who is open to all sorts of people, from all walks of life and beliefs with the utmost level of understanding and open mindedness. I live in a small town called Raven, so it's not much but hey its home :-) I love dragons and cant get enough of them. Most of my time, or what time I have when im not at work, is spent figuring out ways to draw them and make them look just right, but come on, what is right for a dragon? Aside from dragons, I've dabled in other sorts of subjects, ranging from vampyres to wizards to elves, so my interests are across the board. You could say that nature is a one of my biggest inspirations, as well as just sitting and listening to people talk. Now I'll admit  that listening to people talk may sound a little weird but i have gotten some really good ideas from other people's conversations...they describe a situation and i create a picture to relate the mental picture in my mind to describe it's a great way to test one's creative limits. Overall, my goals are to improve my art and to finally get the human body to look right, which is a challange that im looking forward to taking on and thus make sure I can be the best artist possible.