Jiko Kabul

If you wish to keep updated with my art (as most of these here are old, follow the link, or go to my private gallery. ^_^ deviantart Hope you enjoy & comment! 01.09.06... Happy New Year's! Yes... I still live. Shocking, I know.7.25.04.... uploaded new fan-senshi drawing/ collab inu yasha art. Check out these awesome artists!: Lia Fiengo | Elly Nunez | Gillian Sein Ying Ha | Julian Anne Lichty | Candy D. Palmer | Eve Archambault | Kelsey Jenkinson | Manon Yapari | Marilyn Alice Boyle AWESOME UNICORNS! | Rosemary Jennifer Wong | Tiffany L. Nours | Nicole Chartrand | Erin 'Ryn' Day | Flora Rowzivitch |