Jill Johansen

Hi!! I am a 26 year old artist living in Canada. I do freelance artwork for comics, games, magazines and television, as well as individuals. I have mainly X-Men fan art, because of those silly X-Toons, and Nixon at X-Assault coerced me into producing some drawings the game. For more fan art, please visit my private Fan-Art Gallery or other places my fan art is featured include: X-Assault my pictures are used as in game graphics and trading cards! if you would like to see details of some of the images below, I suggest you play the game The Darkest Hour in the fan art section, naturally. both my Phoenix pics have been altered to be Dark Phoenix for this site specifically BAMF Central the 'deluxe' Nightcrawler smiley set (which I use around here as well...) is mine Nightscrawlers.com recognize the pic at the top....? there is also a large galelry of my art in the fan art section. I also act as administrator there, i designed the site and maintain the forums and galleries. X-Day I won 2 categories in the X-Day 2002 competition, and 4 categories in the 2003 competition! If you would like to use my art on your fan site, I don't mind, usually, but would like it if you please asked first! I like to know where my pictures are being used. Also, please give me credit as the artist, and I will proudly display a link back to your site here.