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This was one of my earliest drawings. Originally done with pencil and paper, I later digitized it and touched it up a little. Back in the old days, I thoought it was pretty good, but it looks pretty crude to me now. I have thought about redreawing it, but it is sort of fun to compare against the newer stuff. Locality - Sleesta are usually only found in old ruins that are deep in wooded areas that have been grown over by tree and vegetation. They often coil around stone pillars of the spires of building waiting on prey. Description - Sleesta have the tail of a constrictor snake and an iguana-like head. The shoulders, neck, and arms have a human appearance. They have very large bat-like wings that are capable of lifting many times there own weight. Disposition - Sleesta were originally created long ago to guard temples, and some of that purpose still resides, semi-forgotten in their nature, which is the reason they still habitate stone ruins. Initially, sleesta will often avoid attacking clerics or anyone wearing any sort of holy symbol or religious markings. If a group enters a sleesta habitat without such a person in their midst, the sleesta will attack immeditately   A cleric who is doing morning meditations will intrigue sleesta and they will come down and gather close to listen in awe. The courtesy that sleesta show to religious figures only holds up until the cleric, in their view, breaks the trust. In the mind of the sleesta, the ruins they inhabit, even if they never had any religious background, is still a holy place. If the cleric makes any threatening moves, or does anything to disturbs any of the ruins, breaks down a door, knocks down a wall, etc, the sleesta will take them to be a heretic and will attack immediately, fighting to the death. Attack - A sleesta prefers to attack with its tail and it if makes a successful roll-to-hit (armor adjustments to armor class disreguarded), it will wrap its coils around the victim. If the victim is quick thinking and tries to avoid becoming entangled, a dexterity saving throw is permitted to avoid becoming trapped in the coils. Once a victim is ensnared in the coils the sleesta will constrict for 1D12 hit-points per round, while taking flight and lifting them into the air. The sleesta will fly high to approxiamately 800 feet then drop them to the ground.   Sleesta can speak common tongue and are reasonably intelligent, but their minds are distract and confused. They are excitable and apprehensive at no longer having a true grasp of their purpose of existence. Sleesta were created long ago by using powerful magics that genetically fused humans with snakes and giant bats. They were created with the intent of protection, but many generations of in-breeding along with the extinction of the race that created them have left them lost and confused.

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