I live in Finland with my wife and my dog. I'm born in '74 so I'm an old fart already. I've drawn all my life and have this love/hate relationship with my drawings. Mostly I'm influenced by japanese manga and american superherocomics. My favourite artists are: Masamune Shirow (Appleseed), Kosuke Fujishima (Shadow Lady), Masakazu Katsura (Oh, My Goddess!), J. Scott Campbell (DangerGirl), Huberto Ramos (Crimson), Joe Madureira (Battle Chasers) etc. Most of my pictures are drawn and inked in paper and later colored with Photoshop. I also love movies - I have over 800 titles large DVD collection. My favourite genres are SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Anime. Oh, and Star Trek is also close to my heart (I like DS9 most). See also my homepage at: http://www.flaming-trout.com/ Hope you like my drawings ^-^ Now that I think about things - when I was learning to draw the comics I read were mostly american superhero stuff drawn by John Byrne, Alan Davis, Arthur Adams etc. I wonder how would my stuff look like if I had manga at that time. Sound like a Marvel comic book called 'What if ...?!?'. When I joined Elfwood, I haven't been drawing anything for more than a year. Thanks to you guys (all artists of Elfwood), I got my inspiration back and have finished several new pictures with several on the works. So thank you very many all. I like - Movies, (1670 DVD collection) - Comics, (mostly superhero stuff) - Tattoos, (love to have but hate to get) - Manga, (japanese comics you know) - World of Warcraft, (yey for WoW) - Boardgames, (Pyramidis, Cluedo) - Cardgames, (Flux, Chez Geek) - RPGs, (D&D) - Drawing, (check photos) - Ropecon, (great finnish convention) - Cosplay, (I usually dress for Ropecon) - Lake malawi cichlids, (crazy little fishies) - Zombies, (who doesnt love 'em?!?) Favourite movies - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Other Star Treks - Lost - Firefly - Prison Break, (one of the best ever) - Rollergirls, (this one is real treat) - Big Brother, (guilty pleasure) - Iron Chef (and other cooking shows) - Firefly - Millennium - House M.D - Dexter - Miami Ink - LA Ink - My Name Is Earl - Curb your Enthusiasm - Dead Like Me, (wish they continued this one) - Extras, (season 2 sucked though) - Most documentaries and science programs Favourite books Comicbooks above everything but from real books my fav author include: - William Gibson, (Neuromancer, Count Zero) - J.R.R. Tolkien, (Lord of the Rings) - Thomas Harris, (Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs) - Simon Ings, (Hot Head, Hot Wire)