John Crooker

I like writing SciFi stories on my computer, as well as drawing in my spare time. I have come up with many alien species and planets that they live on. I draw most of these in notepads. I also enjoy to take something fictional and explain it in such a way that people would think I am talking about a real thing. For example, a dragon can breath fire by use of hydrogen, produced during digestion and stored in "gas bladders" on either side of the stomach. This hydrogen, when voluntarily shot out the mouth/nasal passage, combines with platinum inside the oral cavity, collected from rocks, creating a flamethrower-like spout of flame. I like Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Drawing (obviously), Baseball, Shooting/Hunting, Reading, Eating, not running Favourite movies Star Wars, Any Peter Jackson Movie, Predator, Alien, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead Favourite books Expedition (Wayne D. Barlowe), World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide, The Hobbit Favourite music Matchbox Twenty, Disturbed, Korn

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