Jason Kirckof

Who is Jason Kirckof? Is he just an anime fan who likes to draw cute girls, some lonely guy trying to fill the void in his life by drawing, or creative mastermind stuck in mortal mans body? The world might never truly know (or care)... The only things that is for sure that the smeg head was born Feb 1977, lives in Washington State, is inspired by anime & comics, loves to use Photoshop (almost too much) and hopes to one day draw comics or become a professional illustrator and graphic artist.Requests I'm sorry but know longer take request. Feel free to make any suggestion, just don't expect me to draw it. Commissions If really want a have picture drawn by me, you can always commission me (Pay me). Commission prices depend the complexity of drawing and other stuff. For more information email me at jrkirckof@yahoo.com Filthy or obtrusive comments I'm starting to get tired comments that are just basically 'Yay, nakid chics!' or 'I would like to _____ that _____'. Also don't ask for me send you hentai pics, because I won't. From now on I'll just delete those types of comments. For most part this hasn't been a problem and I thank everyone who has posted comments! It very inspiring!