Alright this will be my profile for a bit now. For lack of a scanner I haven't been able to update my gallery, as I'd like to rescan in my pictures because they look green to me. Alright. Maybe you've seen my hateful little rants scattered about Elfwood. You gotta feel strongly about something right? Here's my disclaimer. If you've come to my little gallery to judge from my drawigns you think you should look like turn back now. I have no intention of altering my drawing style to please someone visiting a fantasy art site looking for real life women. I've also seen plenty of real life women. If I wanted reality I'd look at real women. (I've got a whole new rant in my head about reality tv shows) Breasts... if anything above a B offends you. Visit a different gallery. Now that thats out of the way for everyone else. I hope you enjoy my gallery. I'm fond of drawing 3 things in particular. Dragons, weapons, and women. I want to be able to draw men but it seem to suck at it. I'll have to work on that one. One more thing for now. I'll try as best I can to think of a reply to your comments as I know how it sucks to never have your comments replied to, and I like comments. ^^