Jennifer Bishop

Hello everyone.  I have now begun adding my new love to my elfwood page.  I have done very little art in recent years, but am now making dolls.  I have made several dolls from my own origional patterns and hove posted a few here.  Expect more in the future! As to life in general, I am the proud mother of two beautiful little boys.  My husband is a great father and our children are doomed to be artistic nerds just like us!  Or at least a mother can hope... :)  I am a christian, who is glad to know God has always been in my liife and has blessed me very much. Thank you for checking out my galery!  I love to hear what people like (or don't like!) so please leave me some comments.If you want to see more of my dolls please go to my webpage I like Dolls, art, video games, playing with my kids, fantasy, sci-fi, music, books Favourite movies Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR, Narnia, Legend, Dark Crystal