The Black Angel

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Jen Philpot

The Image - drawn in the theme e fabula (of myth/out of a story) The Black Angel, a fearsome creature of magic that may dominate both land and air, prepares to wield her abilities against some unseen foe. My concept originally had her carrying Luke, who was to be taking aim at a viras of the Timora... but I was too lazy and felt the image would be too busy. So here's just Raydl by herself, looking rather hostile. I started off feeling very pleased with the image, but I started slacking off, I think, and now I'm not too sure how much I really like it - I didn't capture the face and upper body the way I wanted to. I also was completely unable to give the neat "black opal" look to her feathers/fur save for what weird stuff I pulled off in the wings. Oh well... Time: ~5 hours Medium: Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 and Wacom tablet, like usual References: a photograph of a little pewter gryphon I have The Black Angel Also known as Raydl, the Black Angel is one of three known forms of the One who Holds the Key, resurrecting the great beast of legend for the final years of the Great War. Raydl is the embodiment of the balance Jayli achieves in E Vero , a direct reference to the Razielian worship of the cycles and balance of nature and symbolizing the attainment of personal potential and the utilization of her faculties combined. The Black Angel also serves to represent the conquering of the N'allai Wysae-roja - coming to accept Ash and solving the question of Humanity, she is able to bring Raydl to bear against the Timora, aiding the Rojamiira in their struggle. Razielian Angels Hailing from ancient lore, gryphons were beasts native to the Razielian heartlands that vanished mysteriously from existence sometime in the first millenium following the collapse of the Tripartital gateways, Parudian time. Gryphons were considered sacred by those who worshipped Raziel, and were believed to be magical messengers sent by the Divine Lord to Earth - thus, they were also called Angels. Possessing pelts of opalescent, hair-like feathers made of hollow, light, but immensely strong fibres, Angels were powerful and incredibly agile beasts, their natural defenses and abilities augmented by a natural proficiency for what is now known as Ethereal manipulation - magic. The hardened quills of gryphons were used by Razielians as tools, from needles to barbed arrowheads, and can be woven into mats and clothing - hardened by fire, the fabric becomes incredibly tough and may be worn as armour. Such material is now extremely rare, but still prized for its beauty, light weight, high durability, and protective qualities. Raydl and The Tripartitus © Jen PhilpotPrint available at

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