Jodi Shaffner

Let's see, I am a Christian, a Gemini born June 12, 1972. God and my children are my main sources of inspiration. I am an American living in the southwestern United States. I am a college student (returning after 10 years of being at home with young children). I am majoring in Fine Arts. Unlike most artists, I have not been drawing since I was a child. I have been working with photography for 19 years, but just started drawing about 11 months ago. My skill is very underdeveloped, not much better than my eleven year old, but I'll get there. I am also developing my skills in other mediums as well and have found I enjoy ceramics and sculpting. I am estatic that my work was good enough to get me this place in the woods and I thank you all in advance for your inspiration. Please, I would love comments to help aid my skill advancement. I do have a website, but it is tedious trying to get all my work there. I have a gallery at Webshots that is more complete so I have links for both my homepage and own gallery up. I do sell prints and t-shirts, the link is on my homepage. I do want to mention that for the most part I use only my own photos in my photo manipulation. All photo manipulation here must list copyright info to be on Elfwood, so if it isn't my photo, all proper credit and permissions will be listed. I love using children in my photo manipulations and always have parental permission before uploading any photo of a child even if it is manipulated. Children have such a fresh view of life. I think they work so well in fantasy and I am lucky to have very photogenic children all around me with parents who admire and encourage my art.