Joel Barkley

As an artist I have worked in various fields: illustration, fine art, murals, ceramic tile design and sculpting, faux finishing, theatre (performing on stage at local rennaisaunce festival) installations for interiors: busineses, galleries, night clubs, residences., landscaping, etc. I love imagery pertaining to the paranormal and the supernatural as well as fantasy and science fiction. Everthing that I paint or draw is done old school. That is to say, I draw and paint everything by hand with absolutely no airbrushing or computer photoshop. My art is accomplished by applying many layers of transparent acrylic paint and guache alternating with oils and prismicolor pencil. My greatest motivation and main goal is to create art that viewers will find exciting! (or at the very least, unique, unusual and interesting).    DON'T FORGET  GO TO  WWW.JOELBARKLEY.COM   to see more of my work.