Joanna Fuller

      As of this message:  I added a pile of things done throughout the last year, and deleted a bunch of old stuff at the same time.  Probably less than I should have.  I'm sure by the time this ticket goes through I will already be regretting leaving some things that I did.      I forget to update a lot due to the wait time involved, so those of you that are less patient, (not that I get an overwhelming amount of traffic,) will have to look for me at if you can't wait.  That said, while it's easier to update more frequently in other places, Elfwood was my first home, I love it dearly, and I always seem to find myself back here.      As for the general explaination:  Much of this stuff comes from games of D&D.  We've been running a campaign for over seven years which is where such reoccuring characters as Nina and Garneth come from.  Other characters hail from various stories and projects in the works in my head and on paper. So while there are a few stand-alones, many characters are repeating. Not that you really care, but I need to put something in the bio block right?  Hope you enjoy your visit.  :3