'Go Ahead, Hit Me...'

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Joanna Fuller

(Description copied from previous posting:) Gryffin is an ambassador, which is a pretty good job for a younger son, because he still gets to feel like he's making important decisions that affect his people. He does have a tendancy to feel a little bit too important, however. Every year when new trainees are circulating the compound, he likes to "meet and greet," let them know just exactly how important he is, and that they should be ready to listen to him when he tells them to do something. Even though he's just a braggart, he can be pretty intimidating to the new trainees. After all, he has the clout of an entire kingdom behind him, (or so he says.) Tandi is taking lunch in the garden when she first runs across him, or rather, is run over by him. When he refuses to replace the meal he's knocked over, she threatens to flatten him, not knowing about his social standing. Once he's gotten through a lengthy do-you-know-just-who-I-am speech, Gryffin dares her to hit him and see what her instructors will do to her for it. Tandi backs off, but unfortunately for her, Gryffin loves intimidating people. He follows her around for nearly a week, picking on her and bumping into her, telling her to go ahead and hit him for it if she likes. By the end of the week Tandi's temper overrides her fear of punishment and she decks him in the stairwell, knocking him out when he trips down the stairs. She confesses to her primary instructor right away, and instead of punishing her, Katryn is only surprised that Tandi didn't lay him out sooner. When the whole thing is said and done, Tandi no longer has a problem telling Gryffin exactly what she thinks of him. He's not used to that kind of treatment, and so he still follows her around, staging some legendary arguments all over the grounds. He's pretty sure he doesn't like the things she calls him, but somehow he's happiest when he's trailing after her, and he can't understand why.

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